Kent Yonker has been involved with the construction industry for over 30 years. In 2000 he learned about a new and better concept of building called Insulated Concrete Forms.


With a vision of better ways to construct building he concentrated his career on changing the industry to better ways of building.  Now having been involved on hundreds of projects  helped architects, contractors and builders design and construct beautiful, safe, environmentally friendly and energy efficient structures.


Being an early on leader in building with Insulated Concrete Forms, Performance Wall Systems LLC has had the opportunity to work with (and learn from) some of the most highly respected and skilled professionals in the nation using advanced building technology.


What this means to you is this: We know from our hundreds of clients and building projects exactly what is required to plan, design and build structures you can be proud of; structures that reflect your unique vision; structures that are built to withstand whatever mother nature or human accident can throw at it.


You also get an invaluable peace of mind knowing that every detail of your project is “tracked” from its inception to its completion using both our on-site video monitoring systems and our own proprietary “Daily Master Progress Report”,  that enables your company to “brand” your report so that you and your clients can view the status of each and every vendor delivery and each and every contractor’s daily progress and comments.


By adding Performance Wall Systems team to your existing building team—whether you’re building retail environments, schools, commercial buildings, production housing, a winery or a custom home—you not only get our reputation for integrity and fairness, you also get the world’s best building products too.  By partnering with Ready Mix providers and other materials suppliers , including the leading “green” building materials providers, your structures are guaranteed to last and perform where lesser building materials may not.


We will partner with you to train your team on time saving systems and keep them from making some of the common mistakes we see slow production and add cost to projects.  Or you can utilize our highly skilled team members to complete the work.


Lastly, Performance Wall Systems LLC has completed a number of LEED certified projects; and is in the final phases of other LEED projects. We are not only committed to building sustainable buildings but to building sustainable relationships.